About Us
Father and son team, Steve and Ross McKeehan established Lookout Valley Whitetails in spring of 2008.  We have been Outdoor Sportsmen our whole life, and we developed a particular fondness of Whitetails along the way.  For the past 25 years deer hunting has been one of our favorite past times.  So we thought it would be great to be involved with something we loved and make a living at it too.  We found 98 acres close to home and with the help of Family and Friends, we began breaking ground in late summer of 2008.

Phase 1 of construction of the Breeder Pens and Handling Facility was completed In February 2009. We also received our does in February 2009. 

We have eight breeder pens and a state of the art handling facility. 6 more breeder pens will be added in the future.

Our Goal is to produce large healthy bucks with massive typical looking main frames, and does that will pass on the same traits. We are fully committed to achieving this goal.  


Handling Facility
Before construction